Big Star Movoing Labor $249 call (800)561-4055 for truck loading and unloading services

Big Star Services provides many types of Moving Labor Services at competitive prices.

” We are not your typical movers nor a moving company services, with a Big Star Labor Services there are No Extra Charges for Travel, No Stair fees, No elevator fee, No long Carry fees for Second, Third or Forth Floors and No Charge for Furniture Setup or Disassemble. Using are Moving Labor Services in conjunction with your moving Rental Trucks, Vans Pods Containers, Overseas-Crates and Self Storage Bins is a great way to save time and money. We provide local and nationwide Labor Services. ”

Big Star Labor Services – Our Moving Labor Help Services is a inexpensive alternative to conventional moving. We take the stress out of moving, while helping you avoid injuries associated with heavy lifting.

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